July 20
Enjoy a Summer Cooking Class at Ciesco Catering, Torrington

We break for Summer! See you in September for our Annual Meeting.

September 21
Annual Meeting at Greenwoods Country Club, Winsted


The list of resources below are collected from our members. We feel, as an organization, that it is important to share both business and personal resources that we have used and found useful, interesting, and / or inspiring.

The LCWN Board does not specifically recommend or endorse any particular product, resource or service listed below. We are offering them for informational purposes only; please use at your own discretion.

If you are a member and would like to add a resource to this list, or if you find a broken link or a resource misrepresented please email us. Thank you.

Resources Received from Monthly Meetings

June 2010 - with Rahna Barthlemess
Personal Branding Info & Worksheet (pdf)


November 2011 - with Kathy Caprino
Career Path Assessment (pdf)

February 2010 - with Michelle Porchia
Doing Deals Over Meals Guide (pdf)


May 2010 - with Abby Marks-Beale
10 Secrets To Get Back Control (pdf)
RevItUpReading.com (site)
Flylady.net (site)

January 2010 - with Suzi Craig
Community Coversation Connection (pdf)

The Social Media Bible
(Suzi's suggested reading - link to Amazon)

50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business (site)
Twitter 101 (site)
TweetDeck.com (site)
Seesmic.com (site)
Twhirl.com (site)
TwitterLocal.net (site)


Facebook 101 (site)
Inside Facebook (site)
32 Ways to Use Facebook for Business (site)

LinkedIn 101 (site)
Make Your LinkedIn Profile Work (site)
33 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Business (site)

Online Social Networking Etiquette (pdf)


October 2009 - with Millie Calesky
13-Tips On Networking Effectively (pdf)

30-Second Elevator Pitch Approaches (pdf)

Recommended Reading for Networking (pdf)


November 2009 - with Chris Amorosino
Debunking Great Myths of Selling (pdf)

Before Communications Liftoff (pdf)

15 Question Quiz from Meeting (pdf)

Chris welcomes you to join his e-newsletter "The 30 second Writing Clinic" click here to see a sample. Join via his website.

Business Resource Websites

Sales Dogs.com
Generate more sales for your business, quicker, easier and with less effort!

Step Into Success
Premier trainer for the direct selling industry, from seminars and corporate conferences to teleconferencing

Brenda Stanton
Helping you not settle for less than you deserve in life and business


Ladies Who Launch
Find information on successful women entrepreneurs as well as resources for women in business online

The Marketing Motivator
We can help you move forward with your career, your business and your organization

Mari Smith
Relationship marketing specialist; sign-up for e-courses on Facebook, Twitter and more!

Personal Resource Websites

American Cancer Society

The Forman School

Sharon Hospital


Diva Toolbox
Timely articles, engaging stories, wise words, powerful testimonials, and an opportunity for differing viewpoints

P.A.C.T. Training
(Parenting Angry Children and Teenagers)
Spike, a ten year old terror, is out of control. His parents enrolled in a training program specifically designed for them all. The program is described on Dr. Andrew D. Gibson's website. There are helpful videos there, as well as a detailed description of a book all about Spike and the program his parents enrolled in. The book is called, "Got an Angry Kid?" and the program is called P.A.C.T..

Personal Recommended Books

Smoke, Fire and Angels by Mark Robinson
about the Rt. 44 crash in Farmington on July 29, 2005 - all proceeds go to the families and victims of the crash

The Smoking Gun Research Agency "Truth, Fact and Understanding" investigating ghosts, UFO's, cryptozoology, metaphysics and unknown phenomena. Westport, CT